Health & Wellness Content Writer

Hi there, I’m Meagan McCrary. I’m a freelance writer, SEO copywriter and content strategist with 15 plus years of experience in the health and wellness industry.

I help wellness companies, health professionals and fitness brands clarify their message, reach their target audience and drive more traffic through clear, informative and engaging copywriting.

I also write for a variety of publications, covering all things health and wellness related. I have a knack for making medical and scientific information interesting and accessible. Plus I’m always reading and researching — staying on top of the latest health and wellness news and fitness trends.

health & wellness content writer

When you hire me, you’re not only getting a professional copywriter. You’re also hiring an experienced player in the health & wellness space with extensive knowledge, enthusiasm & personal insight into the industry.

Whether you’re a coach, mental health professional, physical therapist, or own a fitness brand or wellness center — I’ve got all of your content and copywriting needs covered. It’s time to put your feet up.

Let’s build something together.

Joy Stone

Life Coach & Spiritual Teacher

Working with Meagan is by far one of the best decisions I have ever made for my business. She helped me get rid of all the canned salesy language on my site and replace it with real language that my ideal client can understand, relate to, and say YES to working with me from the very first line of my homepage.
Besides being an incredible SEO strategist and copywriter she is also a real person with honest insight and a lifetime of perspective, which she brought to the work she did with me. She didn’t just listen, she brought real ideas to the process, did research, and went above and beyond in every way.
Plus she helped drive more organic traffic to my website, which led to more new opt-ins than I’d had the first 6 months of the year, but also 50% more booked business in my second month working with her. I highly recommend Meagan. Don’t hesitate to work with her!”‘